Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sketches in Nepal

Some sketches from Nepal, nicknamed 'Roof of the World'. One of my journal entries just reads 'I WENT PARAGLIDING!!!'- which makes me smile a lot because I remember how unbelievably-shitting-myself-terrified I was and how i was certain this would be certain death. If there is anywhere to do something this much out of your comfort zone, in front of the Annapurna mountain range would be a good place. It was my first proper glimpse of the Himalayas and after reading so much and anticipating them it was overwhelming to see them. I'd wanted to visit Nepal for years for some unknown reason, I think it's the idea of sherpas and Buddhist monks and stuff and then I read this 'Sky Burial', by Xinran just by chance and it was one of those insane burst-into-tears-on-the-train books which fixated it into my head to JUST GO. Seriously, read it. It's a true story about Nepal and it is......amazing! I also listened to Michael Palin's 'Himalaya' and started reading 'The Snow Leopard' by Peter Matthiessen but still haven't finished it... I'm not much of a fan of travel guides, this was a much better insight. Anyway, the Annapurna were awesome. I kept trying to imagine being on one of the untouched snowy peaks 8 and a bit miles up in the air and what it would be like. The mountains are sacred, so you're not allowed to, but they're also too dangerous to climb so you couldn't, but they're so blue and steep and clean it's hard not to stare at them all day. So there's some context about Nepal and here are some sketches.....
Cows and palm trees in Chitwan (jungle)
Boats on Lake Pokhara
Helicopter flying past temple on top of a hill by Lake Pokhara

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