Friday, 20 February 2009

Sketches from my recent sketch book.

These are sketches of the sea in Bournemouth on a really really cold day, my hands froze. I was attempting to capture the patterns or movement of the water and the sand. It's difficult.

These are very quick sketches I did when I was on the train from Newcastle to Bournemouth in December. They were really annoying to do at the time but I like them now I look back.

Erm, these are really rough sketches, I guess fashion inspired. I know they're pretty poor but they were fun to do and I love the colour so I like them.

These are just some miscellaneous sketches from my sketchbook, I can't remember for the most part what they're about, if anything but they seemed important at the time.

These are some rough ideas I was exploring, along the lines of maps, information, language and cities and confusion. I am quite pleased with them and the potential for other things.