Saturday, 2 November 2013

Everything will be alright? What?!

Occasionally, just occasionally when I'm walking down the road I get the strangest feeling of blind optimism, that no amount of 21st century cynicism can kill. Which is nice. 

The odd feeling of potential and optimism  that everything will be alright and ill get there in the end. Of course it may well be the culmination of lots of small events put together. I think the fact that it's Saturday, it's sunny, I'm on holiday away from the toil of work, and I'm off to see my boyfriend who adores me and I feel like we have a secret which no one else knows between us and then were off for a weekend with one of my bestest friends of all my friends. That could be a slight factor. But there are a lot of things I would like to change about my life but it's nice to have the feeling every so often of freedom and fortune that I am young, free, in tied down and have a head full of ideas I want to make come true.

At the same time I can feel the pull of art school overthinking seeping in and trying to ignore it. Some things just should be enjoyed for what they are and not pulled apart into contextualised oblivion. After all, there are precious few moments of clarity and innocence left these days.