Wednesday, 27 May 2009

We are Converging

This is my first ever film I've made.......with some interesting results. These are some of the stills from it. I think it could be edited a lot, lot further but I like it anyway, using sound is totally new but comes up with some amazing noise. This film explores the idea of humans converging, evolving, but towards what? What are we evolving for or towards, if anything?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Narrative Illustration- Editorial Article of Stabbing.

These are some illustrations from my last project, which was to illustrate a text in a narrative sequence. I chose to illustrate the emotions of an instance of a stabbing, of which I found an online news article.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Sketches from my recent sketch book.

These are sketches of the sea in Bournemouth on a really really cold day, my hands froze. I was attempting to capture the patterns or movement of the water and the sand. It's difficult.

These are very quick sketches I did when I was on the train from Newcastle to Bournemouth in December. They were really annoying to do at the time but I like them now I look back.

Erm, these are really rough sketches, I guess fashion inspired. I know they're pretty poor but they were fun to do and I love the colour so I like them.

These are just some miscellaneous sketches from my sketchbook, I can't remember for the most part what they're about, if anything but they seemed important at the time.

These are some rough ideas I was exploring, along the lines of maps, information, language and cities and confusion. I am quite pleased with them and the potential for other things.