Monday, 30 September 2013

2013 so far

It would appear that I wrote a post with the intention of updating it while I was travelling....that definitely didn't happen. But I did keep a sketch book and diary etc, which is useful when you have no internet/electricity/computer/sanity. I've just found my sketchbooks from when I was in India and Nepal (and Thailand in the end!) and I will upload some of the sketches I did, which looking back I do quite like and hold a lot of memories to me. They're not all fantastic but they do what a travel journal should do, which is capture the travelling. There are a lot of entries which begin, 'oh dear god, what did I get myself into?!' so I know I had a good time and an excuse to not be blogging. I don't need my sketchbook to tell me I had a good time, my daily daydreams of mountains and snorkelling are escapist enough to remind me. So it is no coincidence that I've just fired up this blog again. I can use it as catharsis for my frustrations. Just as art is catharsis for life. For various reasons which have become apparent, it's time to make life into one big 'oh dear god', I'm not sure how but Woohoo! Below are some small explorations of some ideas I've had...

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