Monday, 26 April 2010

Third Year Update

Well, it's been a while but I have my excuses. Third year. busy times...and i had another blog for EMP so i have been neglecting this one. But it's nearly over, which is's been a long and at the same time short year.
Anyway here's some work from Negotiated Practice, the first unit of the year. Originally I was using the D&AD brief for Illustration as a starting point but the momentum of the project got away with itself and became something more. The brief was to explore the idea of resistance, in any way we wished, pushing our comfort zone.
These were my intentions:
For Negotiated Practise I am combining the D&AD illustration brief and my own professional interests for illustration in the future. The D&AD brief asks the illustrator to create a poster on the theme of resistance, taken anyway they see fit, the only requirement is to challenge the way they usually work.
My way of approaching the project comes from my desire to make people see the ordinary in a different, extraordinary way. The idea of this is to make people see the things in their lives in another light, to consider things outside of their lives
The way this fits into the idea of resistance is to resist apathy, going through life without questioning what you are doing. This approach reflects my own experience in that I have been brought up in privileged circumstances without fear of any sort of persecution and so I feel is an honest way to explore the theme of resistance.

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